A rather silly experimental clip
created for Mo´s Ferry.

Niklas Worgt and Eva Padberg are not only a couple, they also perform together under the name “Dapayk & Padberg”.
The idea in this short is to show the merging of those two individuals and their skills.
Also: Hand.

Sounds from Dapayk & Padberg’s “Pantomime Horse”.


Design, Animation


Cinema 4D
After Effects




some technical detail:

To allow Eva and Niklas to move and rotate freely through the scene and since the ressources for modelling and detailed texturing of models were not available,
I had to come up with an unconventional technique.

So our actors were placed on a slowly rotating plate and recorded a full 360° rotation each (720° actually and different poses, which btw may have led
to the most boring shooting in videomaking history).
Those clips where then cleaned up, keyed and put on planes in the 3D-Scene as animated textures. The planes were made to always face the camera.
I then wrote a little expresso-script that would jump to a frame in the recorded video, which was calculated from the angle of the camera and the
local rotation of the container-object (the bubbles) at the specific point in time.
This would sucessfully give the impression of Niklas and Eva being actual 3D-Objects inside this scene.
It also allowed for some totally freestyle and crazy rotations and camermoves.
Same technique was used in the “Pantomime Horse” – MV.